BBC Trust to review kids services

The BBC Trust, the UK public broadcaster’s governing body, has announced a review of its children’s TV services including CBBC and CBeebies.

The review will look at how the two dedicated kids services are perfoming across TV and online, and will also assess the BBC Exectuive’s progress on creating radio services for children, including children’s programming on the Radio 4 Extra service.

The Trust has opened a public consultation on its webiste and has prepared a questionnaire aimed at seeking the views of children themselves, as well as providing a survey questionnaire for parents and carers.

For CBeebies, CBBC and Radio 4 Extra, the Trust will review the extent they are being used, assess whether they are providing high quality content, are good value for money, and contributing to the BBC’s public purposes. The Trust will also look at how other relevant BBC services, whether TV, radio and online, plan to serve children under the age of 16.

The review will look at developments in the children’s media sector including changes to their listening and viewing habits, and will check that the BBC is well-placed to meet the challenges that may result from these changes.

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