ONO can prosper despite crisis, says Portela

Spanish cable operator ONO can weather the economic storm buffeting the country, according to CEO Rosalia Portela.

“Spain has a big crisis but we don’t have one at ONO,” she said, speaking on the opening panel session at Cable Congress in London this morning. “We are in an environment where prices are going down. The market is becoming more complex but we are very confident in the people we have and where we are going.”

Portela said that customers had become price sensitive across all categories of goods and services. ONO had to adapt by delivering better and unique products and services. ONO could differentiate by delivering very high-speed broadband services and advanced TV services that would appeal to customers, she said.

Cable operators need to preserve their capacity to invest, not only by looking to technology but by talking to customers and prioritising their needs, said Portela. “We need to invest a lot of money in networks,” she said, in order to deliver TV Everywhere and other services to customers.

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