YourTV wins Preston licence as Ofcom completes local TV process

UK regulator Ofcom has awarded the last of its currently planned local digital-terrestrial TV licences to YourTV to operate a service in Preston and Blackpool.

The award is the second to be granted to YourTV, which had earlier won the licence to run a local TV service for Manchester. The company is backed by former BBC Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyons.

“With the award of Manchester and now the Blackpool/Preston licence to YourTV, we believe our offerings in both areas will be even stronger,” said Lyons. “A second licence, particularly one within such geographic proximity, gives us a fantastic opportunity for each station to share knowledge and reduce back room and other administration costs, ensuring an even greater investment in content and quality programming.”

The latest award takes to 19 the number of L-DTPS licences granted to date, completing the first phase of the project. Ofcom originally sought bids for 21 areas and received applications to run services in 19 of them. The first phase rollout of services is expected to reach 12 million households.

Ofcom received two applications for the Preston licence and judged that YourTV’s bid was more likely to meet the needs of the local population and was based on a sustainable plan for the licence period.

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