NBCUniversal in talks to deliver full line-up to OTT players

US content provider NBCUniversal is in talks with a number of internet video services to provide a full line-up of programming akin to the packages currently provided for pay TV service providers.

Cable giant Comcast revealed in a compliance report, required as a condition of its acquisition of NBCUniversal, that it had received and was negotiating ‘full freight’ requests from a number of providers.

Under the terms of the FCC’s approval of the absorption of NBCUniversal by Comcast, the pair must offer programming to “legitimate” over-the-top video providers on the same terms that it would be made available to traditional pay TV providers.

Comcast said a “minority” of online video providers had made requests for an offer for its full programming line-up, without specifying which ones. NBCUniversal aready provides a range of its content to OTT players including and Flixster.

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