Mtel rolls out cross-platform IPTV service

Bulgarian operator Mtel has rolled out its ZTE-powered anytime, anywhere IPTV service to customers across the country.

According to a stock market update by China-based technology ZTE, Mtel’s cross-platform IPTV service – for TVs, PCs, tablets and mobile phones – is now in commercial use, offering interactive video over fixed or mobile broadband connections.

Mtel – a subsidiary of the Telekom Austria Group that claims to be the biggest mobile operator in Bulgaria – first started to pilot its IPTV service with ZTE in September 2011.

Later the same year it signed a five-year deal with ZTE, agreeing that the latter provide customised end-to-end solutions for IPTV middleware, digital rights management, a content delivery network and set top boxes. The scale of the network has since expanded over several phases, ZTE said.

“We believe that the successful commercial use of the multi-screen service will further consolidate the cooperation between ZTE and Mtel in the multimedia field,” said the general manager of ZTE’s value-added service product line, Chen Xinyu,

“We look forward to the opportunity to provide IPTV/OTT multimedia services for Mtel’s fixed and 4G network to help them improve their user experience and create more value for the company.

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