ONO plans to add functionality and test new marketing models for TiVo

Maneul Sequeira, ONO

Spanish cable operator ONO plans to add new functionality to its TiVo platform and test new ways of marketing the DVR version of the service, according to director of technology Manuel Sequeira.

Interviewed by DTVE ahead of next week’s Cable Congress, ONO’s Sequeira said the operator is pleased with the progress of the TiVo service so far. ONO implemented software upgrades to the service in July and November last year and is in the process of adding new functionality to the platform. “We are in the process of bringing new features and functionality to the box. We are quite happy about the way it’s going. For the future it’s about continuing to evolve the platform, but there will be no big changes. It’s a very good product for top-tier customers,” said Sequeira.

ONO is offering two version of the platform – a DVR version and a zapper (which is basically the same box with the DVR functionality disabled). The operator is considering introducing pilot schemes whereby potential customers will be given a free trial of a DVR box and then downgraded to a zapper if they decide they don’t want to sign up to the full service. At the moment this is still very much at the trial stage, says Sequeira.
The zapper version of the box offers a range of functions including HDTV that mark it apart from the non-TiVo legacy digital set-tops supplied by ONO. “It’s a better digital experience than non TiVo boxes. Going forwards we expect most of our subscribers will take TiVo,” said Sequeira.

The total number of subscribers to the TiVo service stood at 56,000 in September 2012. ONO launched TiVo in September 2011.

To read the full interview with Manuel Sequeira, click here.

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