French VOD titles see strong growth

The number of films available on video-on-demand in the French market is continuing to expand, according to a study by the country’s Centre Nationale du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée (CNC).

According to the study, 10,213 films were available on video-on-demand between January and October 2012, with 7,937 available in October alone. This compares with 7,050 in December 2011, 5,418 in December 2010 and 4,857 in December 2009, the year in which the VOD window was reduced from 33 weeks to four months after their theatrical release.

The number of French films available in October 2012 was 2,233, up 10.2% compared with January, while the number of US films available was 3,625, up 9.5%. French films accounted for 27.4% of the market in January to October, with US films accounting for 16% and other European films for 16%, with relatively little change year-on-year in the respective proportions.

Of films released in 2008, 61.8% have been aired on a pay TV channels, compared with 36.9% on free-to-air.

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