Tele Columbus looks to future as Vodafone eyes KDG

German cable operator Tele Columbus has said it will focus on growing its base independently as an integrated provider of triple-play services following the refusal of the Federal Cartel Office to allow its acquisition by larger player Kabel Deutschland.

Chief operating officer Dieter Schickel said that, while the Bundeskartellamt decision was to be regretted, it had at least provided “clarity” and would allow Tele Columbus to deepen its relationship with the housing industry in eastern Germany. He said the operator was now free to conclude long-term supply agreements with housing groups in its network areas.

Tele Columbus said its revenue last year was €237 million, with EBITDA up 10% to €94.2 million. The company grew its digital TV base by 42%, while internet customers were up 39% and telephony customers up 42%.

Following the blocking of its merger with Tele Columbus, Kabel Deutschland was last week the subject of rumours of a possible takeover move by mobile operator Vodafone, with number of reports suggesting that the cable operator would be open to an offer by Vodafone. Kabel Deutschland made no comment on the reports.