Com Hem chooses Verimatrix to secure TiVo platform

Swedish cable operator Com Hem has chosen Verimatrix to secure advanced multiscreen services on its TiVo platform, set to launch this spring.

Com Hem will use Verimatrix’s VCAS content security technology to secure content delivered via the TiVo platform. The operator’s broadcast and hybrid set-tops will incorporate cardless ViewRight clients that complement enhanced HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) ViewRight Web support for PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile devices.

Jens Persson, development manager of Com Hem, said, “We recognise Verimatrix as to provide value in securing our new multi-network services. A single source for rights management across linear and on-demand content offers our customers the absolute best television experience. Verimatrix has provided excellent support in the integration of VCAS with TiVo and we look forward to launching one of the world’s most advanced TV services.”

Com Hem delivers services to about 1.74 million Swedish households. The company recently hired Virgin Media executive Asanga Gunatillaka to head up development of its advanced TV services ahead of its TiVo launch.

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