Kim Dotcom planning to offer new services from Mega site

Kim Dotcom, the creator of file-sharing website Megaupload, which was shut down by US authorities in January 2012, plans to expand the range of activities of his new file-sharing site, Mega, to include secure email, chat, video, voice and mobile services.

Dotcom tweeted over the weekend that the site would be progressively updated with new features over the coming years. Dotcom said his site, unlike those that used US-based servers, would place a premium on internet privacy and freedom. Dotcom is currently based in New Zealand.

Dotcom plans to enable the selling of services on Mega via Bitcoin, an informal online currency. The site currently offers three packages of online storage combined with bandwidth for payment in Bitcoin.

Dotcom did not offer details of the further services to be offered via the site, but indicated that the site would offer encrypted services that would place a premium on protecting user privacy, unlike mainstream internet services, where user details can be accessed by US authorities in certain circumstances.

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