UPC Cablecom makes TV available any time, any place

Following its launch of the Horizon set-top box, Liberty Global-owned cable operator UPC Cablecom has launched TV via the internet and to mobile devices for existing customers.

UPC Cablecom is offering two packages – Horizon TV Online, which provides internet TV, and the Horizon TV app for iPhone and iPad. Access to the services is free of charge for iexsiting customers.

The two services offer linear TV and video-on-demand. Depending on language region, customers with the Classic and Comfort packages can access a range of the Classic package’s live channels at Horizon TV Online, including HD channels. It is offering three Best of Classic packages: one for German-speaking Switzerland contains 86 TV channels, while the package for French-speaking Switzerland has 52 and that for Italian-speaking Switzerland has 82. A smaller version of the Best of Classic is available to customers with a Mini or Compact subscription. In addition to the various live channels, more than 1,000 films as well as various series can be viewed on-demand.