BringCom to revitalise Djibouti teleport

African communications technology specialist BringCom has struck a deal with local partners in Djibouti to revitaise the Djibouti Teleport Facility.

The partners have created a new company, Djibouti Teleport SARL, to manage the facility, which offers Ku- and C-band satellite capacity over Africa.

Under the agreement, BringCom becomes the managing partner of Djibouti Teleport. In addition, the partners agreed to upgrade the Djibouti Teleport with new buildings, backup power, security hardware and an iDirect hub. Djibouti Teleport will also provide international connectivity through five large-capacity undersea cable systems connected to the facility.
Djibouti Teleport currently provides Apstar 7 Ku-band connectivity with a 7.3-metre antenna and C-band connectivity with a 16-metre antenna. Both antennas have been refurbished and upgraded with new electronics, according to BringCom.