Channel 4 to test enhanced targeted advertising

UK public broadcaster Channel 4 is to take its first steps into a deeper level of targeted advertising with the launch of a new commercial data intiative that will offer advertisers demographic targeting on video-on-demand service 4oD.

Channel 4 has built up a base of six million registered users to its on-deamdn service, following a programme launched by CEO David Abraham in 2011. The broadcaster has now initiated a month-long process to choose 12 data partners to launch the first stage of its targeted advertising initiative. Half of the companies chosen will be new to digital advertising, according to Channel 4.

The advertisers will be offered targeting against familiar audience sub-groups including 16-34 year-olds, the ABC1 socio-demographic group, and housewives. Channel 4 will launch a number of case studies to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and incremental reach and attempt to gain greater insight into VOD user behaviour.

Channel 4 has already launched an interactive ad format, Adapt, that allows advertisers to target ads to known users on its database, based age, gender and location.

“We’re really excited to introduce this new data pool initiative to the market which will showcase the benefits of improved targeting and the effectiveness of our 4oD platform to new advertisers – and enhance our existing clients’ digital engagement with audiences through greater targeting,” said Jonathan Lewis, head of digital and partnership innovation at Channel 4. “Following an initial campaign evaluation of the pioneer group, we will be sharing the commercial benefits of targeting and our unique digital ad products.”