Liberty Global sees strong RGU growth

Liberty Global added 465,000 new revenue-generating units, or products sold to customers, in the fourth quarter of 2012, taking its total RGUs to almost 33 million.

Liberty Global’s total base was boosted by the addition of 249,100 internet customers and 243,800 telephony customers in the quarter. TV subscribers fell by 27,800, with total TV losses for the year now amounting to 286,500. The operator now has 18.3 million TV customers, just over 9.2 million internet customers and just over 7.2 million phone customers, with a total customer base of 19.8 million.

Liberty Global posted revenues of US$10.31 billion (€7.6 billion) for the year. Full-year operating income was up 9% to US$1.98 billion.