BBC renews contract with Arabsat

Satellite operator Arabsat and the BBC have renewed their deal whereby the BBC will broadcast its BBC Arabic TV and radio programmes via the Badr-4 satellite at 26° East.

“This agreement helps to ensure that BBC channels are available to many millions of homes across the region as part of a bouquet of popular channels,” said Nigel Fry, head of distribution at BBC Global News.

Separately, Arabsat has signed a contract to carry the Sudanese Blue Nile Channel on the Sudanese bouquet on the Arabsat platform.

Hassan Fadl Al-Mawla, general manager of the channel, said, “As a part of Blue Nile Channel’s ambitious and ongoing access to the Sudanese and the Arab viewers  anywhere around the world, we are using Arabsat satellite Badr -5 to expand the channel’s coverage throughout the Middle East, Europe and Africa. The Blue Nile channel is very happy with this strategic relationship with Arabsat and hopes it will continue and grow in the coming years, that will witness a great development in the Blue Nile channel’s plans including full transition to HD.”