DVR most popular function for Izzi subs

DVR functionality is the most popular interactive TV application amongst Latvian service provider Izzi’s customer base, followed by catch-up TV and pause live TV, according to the operator.

Based on a survey of its user base, Izzi said that 57% of respondents identified the ability to record programmes as the most important interactive TV feature, followed by catch-up TV, identified by 22% of respondents, and pause live TV, identified by 10%.

Izzi board member Sandra Kraujina said the company had invested over €2 million in new services, including the country’s first 3D service, last year.

Izzi’s interactive TV service is available to over 180,000 homes in Rīgā, Rēzeknē, Ludzā and Ādažos.

Tags: Izzi, Latvia

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