Mobile and tablet use takes BBC iPlayer to record year

BBC iPlayer saw a record 2.32 billion TV and radio programme requests in 2012, with 36.5 billion minutes of programming being requested across all platforms.

The biggest growth in viewing of the BBC’s catch-up service was on mobile phones and tablets. The BBC saw a 177% increase in requests from both types of device over the course of the year, meaning that mobiles and tablets accounted for over a quarter of all iPlayer requests in 2012. The iPlayer mobile app was downloaded 14 million times. About 10.8 million programmes were downloaded to iOS devices following the launch of mobile downloads in September 2012, and the BBC said that downloaded programmes now account for 6% of TV viewing on mobiles and tablets.

Growth in viewing on other devices meant that requests from PCs comprised less than half of all total iPlayer requests for the first time in December.

The BBC’s new Live Restart feature, which allows viewers to rewind and restart live TV before a programme ends, was used by 30% of those watching online.

Top iPlayer programmes for 2012 included Top Gear, the London Olympic opening and closing ceremonies, Sherlock, The Apprentice, Doctor Who, The Voice UK and Citizen Khan.

Daniel Danker, general manager, programmes and on-demand at the BBC, said: “2012 was a ground-breaking year for BBC iPlayer with a record 2.32 billion requests for programmes across over 650 platforms. Last year, the use of iPlayer shifted from PCs and early adopter devices like game consoles to screens used by all audiences. Mobile, tablet, and connected TV skyrocketed, with a particular emphasis on audiences taking iPlayer on the go. This year, we’re looking forward to turning iPlayer into an entertainment destination, with a relentless focus on making iPlayer as easy and enjoyable as television.”

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