Vietnam’s VTC launches international OTT service

Vietnamese telecom and media group VTC Digilink and Chinese online TV service provider PPTV have teamed up to to provide a global online TV service to serve five million Vietnamese migrants in the international market. The service package will include HDTV channels and video-on-demand content. The service will be hosted on PPTV’s newly launched Asian TV Networks (ATN), a cloud-based over-the-top TV service based on Microsoft’s Windows Azure services platform.

“VTC is the largest multimedia corporation in Vietnam. The VTC International TV service is the leading online service for multiple screening,” said Jingyu Qiu , general manager, PPTV International. “We are honoured to work with VTC to enter the international TV market. This is the first large telcom partnership for ATN.”

“We have provided internet TV services for nearly 10 years over and with Indochine TV service, and see that the new platform with ATN creates an innovative user experience to deliver global audiences with global content,” said Nguyen Hoang Phong , chairman, VTC Digilink. “We are happy to partner with PPTV to serve Vietnamese immigrants additional viewing options in different countries.”

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