TV Everywhere a hit with viewers, but authentication poses problems

Almost half of US pay TV subscribers have used TV Everywhere services but relatively few know the term and the majority view authentication requirements as a significant hurdle to take-up, according to a survey by research group GfK.

According to the survey, about 43% of pay TV customers have used multiscreen TV services from their pay TV provider or a TV broadcaster, with slightly more – 37% – using broadcasters’ services than that of their service provider – 30%. Over two third of users said their TV Everywhere viewing was additional to regular TV viewing rather than a substitute for it.

Despite the popularity of such services, only 22% knew the term “TV Everywhere” while only 34% had awareness of the term “authentication”. A majority – 70% – said the authentication process would deter them to some extent from using a service, with 25% saying they would be deterred “a lot”.

Despite TV Everywhere being seen as a churn reduction tool by service providers, only 25% of users said such services made them more likely to stay with their current provider.

GfK said that authentication required the creation of a standardized process and logo if consumer hesitation was to be overcome.

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