TF1 launching advanced companion screen service

French commercial broadcaster TF1 is to launch a synchronised companion screen service, kicking off with talent show The Voice on February 2.

The broadcaster will deliver synchronised content to smartphones, tablets and computers allowing viewers to access supplementary content about the show.

Viewers can link up via the MyTF1 website or dedicated app, click on a ‘Connect’ button and begin interacting with the show. They can create their own 90-second video, choosing an extract from the show to share via Facebook or Twitter. The service also provides Instant Replay, allowing viewers to replay the show immediately it is broadcast, according to e-TF1 director Olivier Abecassis. Viewers can also ‘buzz’ for their favoured contestants as the show is in progress.

TF1 plans to launch additional synchronised functionality in March related to news and sports programmes.
The new service is designed to win and retain audience loyalty, with little in the way of additional direct revenue expected for now. In the future, the broadcaster is looking to develop additional advertising opportunities.

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