Vivendi launches OTT service Watchever in Germany

France-based entertainment conglomerate Vivendi has launched an over-the-top service in Germany called Watchever.

The subscription TV series and movie-based service,, is priced at €8.99 a month. A free 30-day trial is in place and paying customers can terminate subscriptions on a month-to-month basis.

Wathchever said that it has inked deals with “almost” all of the US studios as well as local German producers and distributors. Content providers include HBO and Lionsgate meaning series including Game of Thrones and Mad Men are available on the service.

Apple has added Watchever to its Apple TV service, giving it an edge over Lovefilm, which is available in Germany, but not on Apple TV. Netflix has not rolled out in Germany.

The Apple deal marks the first time HBO series have been made directly available on Apple TV rather than through iTunes.

Hollywood TV series and films can be watched in English or with a German dub. Customers can also activate a Facebook app that allows them to log in with their Facebook account to get movies and series.

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