Farncombe acquires Mirifice test assets

Media services provider Farncombe has acquired the MiriATE consumer device test automation assets of Mirifice, which recently went into liquidation.

Farncombe will re-brand and re-launch the platform in early 2013.

The company has used MiriATE for a number of years. It acquired Mirifice’s Professional Services business in 2010.  Farncombe said it saw demand for a number of value-added services around MiriATE, including training and scripting support. It has developed a new real-time web-based reporting tool and is in the process of testing a number of new features, it said.

Farncombe will continue to support Mirifice’s existing clients, which include the UK’s Digital Television Group.
Gary Marshall, managing partner for engineering services at Farncombe, said that the company was currently reviewing its automation solution in close collaboration with MiriATE clients. “We possess a considerable amount of in-house expertise, having provided professional services to the MiriATE client base for a number of years. Following a consultation period, we will announce a detailed roadmap for test automation in 2013,” he said. “We are confident that this will enable the TV industry to take a significant step forward with the introduction of large-scale, cost-effective test automation deployments.”

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