Arris and Motorola secure Emmy recognition for ad insertion

Arris and Motorola Mobility have secured recognition for their local ad insertion-enabling technologies in the form of Emmy awards for their products this year.

Arris won a Technical & Engineering Emmy for the development and commercialisation of digital infrastructure for local ad insertion – the fifth Emmy awarded to the company since 2004. Arris’s Sky Vision platform, based on technology from its SkyConnect acquisition, enables operators to perform targeted, advanced VOD advertising and local insertion on digital cable networks from a single insertion system, according to Arris.

“For MSOs, our digital ad insertion technologies provide a simple path to new revenue streams, whether it be transitioning their businesses from analogue to digital ad insertion, maintaining their local advertising businesses, or expanding their digital services to support both SD and multiformat HD ad insertion,” said Tom Williams, Arris’s vice-president, marketing and business development.  “We are honored that NATAS has recognized our technology for its innovation as well as its widespread adoption within the industry.”

Motorola won an award for engineering creativity for its work on localized ad insertion with its CherryPicker video processing platform.

“This 64th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy is a great honour that complements our distinguished history of innovation,” said Joe Cozzolino, senior vice-president and general manager of Motorola Mobility’s network infrastructure solutions. “Our video product portfolio has a heritage of industry leadership. We are extending that leadership with advanced CherryPicker capabilities as well as our multi-screen ecosystem and network transformation, which are delivering the smart, simple connected home. CherryPicker is a proven platform and continues to drive innovation in localised cable advertising.”

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