France Télévisions to discuss finances with government

Public broadcaster France Télévisions will next week begin the process of negotiating its objectives and finances with the French government.

The broadcaster has already been forced to produce a plan to make overall cuts of €100 million, having already economised to the tune of €40 million this year.

Government direct funding for the broadcaster next year is to be cut by €86 million, which could be ameliorated to some extent by a possible increase in the French equivalent of licence fee contributions from households of €2. The broadcaster is expected to turn in a loss of €25 million this year after advertising revenues fell short of expectations.
The government for its part wants France Télévisions to maintain its current level of support for content creation and for local and regional services.

France Télévisions president Rémy Pflimlin is to meet prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault on November 30 to discuss the broadcaster’s options.

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