Spacecom signs Amos-6 deal

Satellite operator Spacecom has signed an agreement with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to plan, manufacture, prepare for launch and provide ground control operations for the Amos-6 satellite.

The deal is worth US$195 million (€153 million) and the satellite is scheduled to launch in 2015.

Amos-6 will increase capacity at the 4° West orbital location, currently the home of Amos-2 and Amos-3. It will replace Amos-2, which is scheduled to end its service in 2016. Amos-6, with a scheduled life-time of 16 years, will increase the territories under service by adding western Europe, the Middle East and the US East Coast.

The new satellite will offer 39 Ku-band transponders, 24 Ka-band beams and two S-band transformers.

Spacecom has also signed an agreement with Government of Israel to supply it with various communications services on Amos-6 during the satellite’s lifetime. This agreement is worth US$20 million.

“Signing this agreement with IAI represents the trust we have in their capabilities to assist us in reaching a milestone in our business development for the future. Amos-6 will further strengthen our technological initiatives, expand our territorial and business horizons throughout all of Europe and more areas of the Middle East and Africa,” said David Pollack, president and CEO of Spacecom. “Amos-6 will enhance our reputation as a growing and highly capable multi-regional satellite operator.”

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