SFR launches operator CDN offering

Vivendi-owned French network service provider SFR has launched what it says is the country’s first operator-based CDN offering.

SFR’s offering, called a ‘content acceleration solution’, will be targeted at e-commerce, media and communications providers, the company said.

SFR said that its creation of a CDN offering was founded on the operator’s long experience in distribution of content across its network, including TV and video content to its own subscribers. It said the offering would provide an improvement in quality through caching content close to the subscriber and management of load peaks, as well as providing services such as user authentication. SFR is also offering ingestion and encoding services, access control and network-based storage.

SFR provides 12 regional PoPs in France as well as direct interconnection with other French and European operators.

Tags: CDN, SFR, Vivendi

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