Telefónica signs with Microsoft for video delivery platform

Spanish telco Telefónica is partnering with Microsoft to roll out a new global video platform for all video services across its various businesses.

Starting in Brazil, Chile and Spain, the platform, based on Microsoft Mediaroom, will deliver TV services over IPTV and unmanaged networks to various devices.

Earlier this month, Telefónica launched an IPTV service in Brazil, following a similar launch in Chile in October. Both services, Vivo TV Fibra in Brazil and Movistar in Chile, are the first IPTV deployments to take advantage of the new global video platform supported by Mediaroom.

“Video is a fast-growing market, and we already play a leading role in delivering pay TV services to customers in Europe and Latin America. This new platform allows us to reflect the deep and rapid changes happening in this market. It offers the ease and convenience of a global, convergent platform while maintaining flexibility over content for our local businesses. Most important, it allows us to meet customer demands for access to video content on an ever- expanding range of devices,” said Vivek Dev, director of digital services, Telefónica Digital.

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