Harris wins Bulgarian DVB-T contract

Bulgarian TV transmission network operator NURTS Digital EAD has awarded Harris Corporation a contract worth almost US$8 million (€6 million) to transition the country to DVB-T.  

The project aims to deliver services into sparsely populated rural areas and will represent the completion of Bulgaria’s TV digitisation strategy as the government moves toward an analogue TV switch-off date in early 2013.

Harris, in cooperation with its Bulgarian dealer, New Tek, will supply 196 transmission sites with Maxiva UAX DVB-T air-cooled transmitters and low-power Maxiva UAX Compact Class gap filler systems with power ratings between 10W and 1kW.

“The delivery schedule for this project is extremely short – we must install the entire network before winter closes in, so that the network is fully operational by early 2013 when we plan to switch over to DVB-T digital terrestrial TV transmission,” said Alexander Kirilov, chief technology officer, NURTS Digital EAD.  “Few companies could meet our requirements, but we are very happy with how this project is developing with the professional support of Harris.”

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