Netflix launches on Windows Media 8

Online video service Netflix has launched on the new Windows Media 8 platform, which was officially launched yesterday.

The company said that a large number of new Windows 8 devices would come with Netflix pre-installed from the start screen, meaning that subscribers would no longer need to go to the Netflix website to access the service.

On touch-screen devices, Netflix has enabled a ‘semantic zoom’ feature, enabling users to pinch and zoom to seen an overview of recommendations. Windows 8 is also designed to enable users to open two applications together in so-called ‘snap view’ mode, allowing Netflix subscribers to interact on social networks while watching a movie, the company said.

Netflix said yesterday that it now has over 30 million streaming members globally, including over 25 million in the US. Netflix is currently available in 51 countries, with Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland the most recent additions.