English Club TV extends reach with Measat

English language teaching channels English Club TV is to start broadcasting in Asia and Africa via Measat from next month.

The educational channel will be available via Measat 3A from November 1. It has been broadcasting since August 2008 on the Astra 4A satellite.

Andrew Semchenko, the managing director of the English Club TV Channel, said: “I am very glad that English Club TV has considerably expanded its territory of broadcasting and will appear in Asia and the African Continent. I think that it will help many people learn English and find their way in life. Being a father, I understand how it is important to provide children with a good ‘background’ for their successful future. According to statistics, 80% of parents all over the world think that English will be useful for their children’s future and allows them to find new prospects. I’m no exception. I believe that English Club TV opens new horizons for millions of people in these continents and help them make a step to their new life.”