UK on-demand viewing moving to TVs and mobile devices

Viewing of on-demand content on TVs and mobile devices in the UK is growing, while viewing on desktops and laptops has peaked, according to a study by Kantar Media.

According to Kantar’s futureProof study, the overall percentage of adults watching on-demand services has remained consistent across the year at 47%, but the number of people watching VOD on a TV set has grown by 16%, while the number viewing on-demand content via tablets has doubled and the number viewing on mobile phones has grown by 39%.

In total, some 33% of adults have watched on-demand through a TV set in the last month, followed by laptops and desktops with 20%, and tablets and mobile phones with 5% each.

Kantar Media surveyed about 2,000 UK residents in February and August this year.

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