Rovi launches polling for ad network

Interactive TV specialist Rovi has launched a new Rovi Advertising Network polling feature that is designed to allow marketers to increase brand engagement across smart TV devices.

Designed to enable viewers to voice their opinions and respond to surveys, polling enables conventional and entertainment advertisers to implement creative campaigns that drive consumers to more deeply connect with brands.

Rovi’s Advertising Network delivers brand messages to TV viewers while they are searching for something to watch and then delivers advertising in the form of interactive banners that lead to branded destinations. These may combine graphics and multiple videos, as well as RFI options, click-to-call and social media activities.

“Polling is the latest example of how Rovi is advancing advertising in a connected world and providing dynamic ways for companies to create immersive brand experiences,” said Jon Hewson, advertising director EMEA at Rovi. “The entertainment experience has evolved and we are delivering an Ad Network that is evolving with it and arming advertisers with the inventory, placement, and functionality they need to communicate in a more meaningful way with consumers.”

Tags: Rovi, technology