SeaChange claims victory in latest stage of patent dispute

Interactive TV specialist SeaChange International has claimed victory in the latest iteration of a legal battle with Arris Group that stretches back over 10 years.

SeaChange said that the US District Court for the District of Delaware had rejected allegations by Arris that SeaChange had violated a 2006 injunction relating to patent rights held by Arris.

The original dispute began when nCube, which was subsequently acquired by Arris, filed a suit against SeaChange for patent infringement of its video-on-demand technology in 2001. SeaChange subsequently redesigned its video system to avoid infringement, but in 2009 Arris filed a motion alleging that SeaChange’s 2002 work-around violated the injunction entered in the nCube case. The court rejected that claim.

“We are pleased the court has recognised that SeaChange took appropriate steps after the 2001 litigation with nCube, and that SeaChange has at all times complied with the Court’s Order,” said SeaChange general counsel David McEvoy.

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