Zeebox launches in US with major backers

Zeebox, the social TV company founded by former YouView and iPlayer chief technology officer Anthony Rose and EMI executive Ernesto Schmitt, has launched in the US with backing from Comcast, NBC Universal, HBO and Cinemax.

Zeebox’s cloud-based app recognises the context of what users are watching and enhances the viewing experience with relevant content and experiences from across the web, TV programmers, social networks and advertisers. Zeebox automatically displays more in-depth information about the programmes as viewers are watching on second screen devices.

As strategic launch partners, Comcast Cable and NBC Universal are backing Zeebox with investments and promotional support, and are preparing to enhance large number of their shows on the platform, including the likes of The Voice and Notre Dame Football.

“We’re excited to team with Zeebox on their US launch,” said Steve Burke, CEO of NBC Universal. “As the Olympics demonstrated, the second screen experience has become an increasingly important platform to engage audiences. We think the Zeebox technology presents tremendous opportunities for our viewers and our advertisers.”

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