Ex-MTV boss Bill Roedy joins Moshi Monsters’ board

Bill Roedy, the ex-boss of MTV, has joined the board of Mind Candy, the company behind the incredibly successful Moshi Monsters property.

Roedy will be a non-executive director of Mind Candy. The company said that he will help the company as it expands into new areas.

“As non-exec director Bill will help Mind Candy as the company expands globally, develops new brands and launches linear entertainment such as Moshi TV, cartoons and films,” Mind Candy said.

The Moshi Monsters website launched in 2007 and has about 165 million users across 150 countries.
Michael Acton Smith, CEO of Mind Candy said: “We look forward to benefiting from his rich and varied experience as we expand into many new areas of the entertainment industry.”

Roedy said: “Mind Candy is a very impressive operation. Moshi Monsters is on the way to becoming a global ‘tour de force’. It will be an exciting ride, alongside the expert leadership of Michael and his team”.

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