BBC confirms Antiques Roadshow companion app launch

The BBC has confirmed that it will launch its first companion screen app for the new run of its popular Antiques Roadshow series.

When the series airs in October, the BBC will initially launch a live multiple-choice valuation game accessible via the red button, allowing viewers to follow the action on-screen and rates their performance against the professionals on the show. Later in the series, the BBC will add its playalong app, as reported by DTVE in May.

This will allow multiple viewers in the same room to play along on their mobile devices, and rate their performances against each other. When launched, the app will work with the programme as broadcast, as well as with recorded episodes and programme catch up on BBC iPlayer.

Viewers will be asked to choose a value for each of the objects in turn as they appear in the programme. A clock will indicate how long they have left before the show’s experts gives their valuation. The system keeps a total of the objects viewers value correctly and gives them a ranking based on their result at the end of the programme: novice, enthusiast, connoisseur, or expert.

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