CTAM Europe will look to develop education programme, says Tveter

Eric Tveter, managing director of UPC Cablecom in Switzerland, officially took charge as chairman of cable marketing association CTAM Europe at the CTAM Europe EuroSummit in Vienna this morning, replacing Chris Winkelmolen of Liberty Global.

Tveter said that the cable industry faced challenges in the form of the “relentless pace of change” and an “increasing level of competition” from IPTV, citing the example of Cablecom’s competitor Swisscom. He said that cable operators had to come to market with new services in a timely way.

“We are successfully shaping the market and the competition is feeling the pressure,” he said. “We are as an industry introducing new products and services,” he said, citing the examples of Liberty Global’s Horizon box and Virgin Media’s TiVo service in the UK.

Tveter said that he would try to make CTAM Europe more relevant by trying to develop an executive education programme. He said the board would work to introduce a programme similar to the US CTAM University. “We hope to become more relevant to all of the companies that we work for,” he said.

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