Blinkx enhances service with multiscreen personalisation

Online video search engine provider Blinkx is updating its service with enhanced search and recommendation features.

A beta version of Blinkx’s new platform is available now, featuring a personal TV service called My Stream that offers a constantly updated stream of videos that are customised based on topics users have chosen to follow and their viewing preferences. The site has also been optimised for mobile users, who are now able to pause a video on one device, and carry on watching it at the same point on a different device.

“The rise of social networks and the proliferation of powerful connected devices have profoundly changed the way that we interact with the web,” said Matt Scheybeler, chief technology officer, Blinkx. “We use search as a starting point less often, and instead, we’ve become comfortable scanning and processing long streams of information – Facebook pages and Twitter feeds – a content universe delivered to us by our friends and the people we follow, and increasingly, we’re accessing that content through tablets and smartphones. The new has been designed for this behavior – optimised for discovery, sharing and mobile access.”

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