Dailymotion to pay TF1 but not responsible for postings

Online video site Dailymotion has been ordered by a Paris court to pay €270,000 in damages and interest to TF1 Group for failing to remove illicit content quickly enough. However, the Tribunal de Grand Instance accepted that Dailymotion was not responsible a priori for content posted on the site by internet users.

TF1 had sought €80 million in damages after accusing Dailymotion of failing to act quickly to remove some TF1 shows and extracts from the TF1 Vidéo catalogue.

The court ordered the site to pay €200,000 in damages to TF1, €20,000 to LCI, €30,000 to KS2 Productions and €8,000 to KS2 Productions’ owner Gad Elmaleh.

Dailymotion has also been ordered to remove keywords from its search engine that could lead users to illicit TF1 and LCI content, with a penalty of €5,000 a day if it fails to comply.

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