Tablets increasing overall TV viewing

Watching videos on tablet devices leads to greater overall TV viewing, according to new research from TDG.

In its recent survey, 39% of 18-49 year olds that use their tablets to watch video said this had led to them watching more regular TV programmes, while 46% reported no change. Confounding broadcaster concerns that tablet viewing would cannibalise ratings, only 15% of respondents to TDG’s research said they watched less regular TV as result of tablet viewing.

“This is a conclusion of particular relevance to those involved in the TV industry including networks, multichannel operators, and advertisers,” said Bill Niemeyer, TDG senior analyst. “The data clearly shows that watching online TV shows on a tablet drives greater TV viewing among the highly-desired and increasingly hard-to-reach 18-49 [year-olds]. At the moment, this is a win/win for TV networks that can monetise tablet viewing via advertising, pay-per-view, or subscription OTT revenue, while at the same time reaping the benefits of increased viewing of their regular TV programming.”

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