TiVo partners with Access for media sharing

TV software company Access has announced that DVR specialist TiVo has chosen its NetFront Living Connect media sharing solution to allow consumers with the TiVo Premiere device to watch content from PCs, network attached storage devices, tablets, smartphones and other connected consumer devices on their main TV. The media sharing solution is based on Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) industry standards.

Access’s NetFront Living Connect has been integrated with the middleware of the TiVo Premiere DVR to enable consumers to access TV, web and personal media. The solution also includes a DTCP-IP security module.

“Moving forward, the set-top box will provide the vital entertainment ‘real estate’ to differentiate a broadcast service from other offerings and will play a critical role in ensuring broadcast experiences far richer than today’s over-the-top content experience,” said Joshua Danovitz, general manager/vice-president international, TiVo. “Today, operators are launching OTT and multiscreen alongside the broadcast experience, while looking to reduce churn and increase their ROIs. With the Access-powered TiVo Premiere solution, operators can brand the user interface and consumers will no longer need to add extra boxes or buy OTT services from other sources.”


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