Netia sees strong TV take-up, RGU growth set to slow

Polish service provider Netia ended June with 71,274 TV subscribers, a year-on-year increase of 46%.

Overall RGU numbers increased to 2,785,339 during the second quarter from 2,752,346 a year earlier. However, Netia is revising its guidance from a total of 2,900,000 RGUs at the end of the year to 2,750,000.

ARPU from TV services increased to PLN42 (€10), compared with PLN36 during the second quarter of 2012. Second quarter revenue increased to PLN536,472 from PLN396,280. Adjusted EBIDTA was also up to PLN156,183 from PLN 92,832.

“Investing in customer relationships, services and infrastructure that bring long-term value to our shareholders remains our key concern as evidenced by our patient approach to the TV and NGA roll-outs as the long-term competitive response on the residential market,” said Miroslaw Godlewski, Netia’s president and CEO. “Likewise we are being cautious in our approach to acquisition opportunities, conservatively assessing synergies and risks to ensure any acquisition is highly likely to add significant shareholder value.”

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