ER-Telecom launches new bundled offerings

Russian service provider ER-Telecom, which operates under the brand, has launched new bundled offerings, combining internet, telephony and TV services.

The bundle includes the basic TV package, which includes 23 HD channels. There are two options available – 50, including 50Mbps internet access, and 100, offering 100Mbps. Subscribers who sign up for two-in-one or three-in-one offers will initially be charged RUB444 (€11.20) or RUB555 a month respectively. After the three month promotional period expires they will have the option of paying an extra RUB20 a month to retain their existing speed or paying the same fee for 5Mbps internet. TV is currently available in 17 cities, and will be expanded to all 42 cities in which ER-Telecom is active by the end of next year.

“Research show that the majority of consumers perceive telecoms as complex with non-transparent terms of service use. simplifies the choice by offering easy and clear services, and becomes a more convenient and very transparent operator,” said ER-Telecom commercial director Mikhail Vorobyev.

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