Lescure calls for debate on internet and connected TV

Former Canal Plus chief Pierre Lescure has called for an open debate about the impact of the internet on the future of audiovisual content. Lescure, who has been charged by French president François Hollande with looking at the impact of the internet on the country’s audiovisual industry, also said that the development of connected TV platforms could lead to internet piracy becoming “unstoppable”.

Lescure said he wanted to hear the views of industry players, rights holders and internet users ahead of drawing up proposals by March next year.

Lescure said that the previous government’s so-called Hadopi law to combat internet piracy had its merits, at least in principle. However, its emphasis on sanctions alone was not sufficient to solve the problem of internet piracy. He suggested that it may be necessary to revise the windows under which content was made available on video-on-demand platforms to make the latter more attractive to consumers.

French culture and communication minister Aurélie Filippetti has already said she intends to cut the Hadopi commission’s budget next month.

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