IBC names Best Conference Paper winners

The IBC has awarded Best Conference Paper to a group of researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications Heinrich Hertz Institute.

The IBC Best Conference Paper Award is presented each year for the paper which, in the opinion of the IBC Technical Papers Committee, best matches innovation with clarity of expression. This year’s winners are Christian Riechert, Frederik Zilly, Peter Kauff, Jens Güther and Ralf Schäfer for their paper “Fully Automatic Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion in Autostereoscopic Displays”.

The paper will be delivered in the session “Stereoscopic 3D Content and Display – Developments and Diagnoses” on September 9 at 14:00 as part of the Advances in Technology stream within the IBC Conference.

The paper looks at a critical issue for broadcasters who want to move 3D television into the mainstream: the ability to create the signals for glasses-free 3D displays from two-camera stereoscopic origination.

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