Triple-play numbers to hit 400 million

Global triple-play subscriptions will reach 400 million by 2017, an increase of nearly 300 million in six years, according to new figures published by Digital TV Research. 

The report forecasts that the Asia Pacific region will be the most significant growth market for triple-play, contributing 257 million of the 2017 total, with China having 193 million of these subscribers. This will be followed by 46 million subscribers in the US and 18 million in India.

France, which currently has 5.7 million triple play subscribers and is the third largest market, will move down to eight place with 7.9 million in 2017.

Germany, however, which is currently eighth with 3.3 million subs will become the fifth largest triple play market with over 11.5 million subscribers.

“The number of triple-play households will overtake the standalone TV total in 2013. The standalone TV total will begin to decline from 2016 as homes convert to bundles. There will be 84 million double-play subscribers in 2017,” said author Simon Murray.

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