VOD revenues will hit US$6 billion by 2017

Revenues from video-on-demand services will reach US$6 billion (€4.9 billion) in 2017, according to new forecasts.

Digital TV Research says that two thirds of the revenue will come from North America and western Europe with the US and Italy the largest single revenue-generating territories. However, Asia will register faster growth, with VOD revenues up 146% in the next five years with China accounting for much of the increase.

The US$6 billion figure compares with US$3.9 billion recorded last year. Cable services will account for US$2.74 billion of the 2017 total, DTH US$1.7 billion and IPTV US$946 million.

The top ten VOD revenue generating countries by 2017, in order, will be: the US; Italy; China; Japan; the UK; Germany; France; Canada; India; and Russia.

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