Capablue teams up with Intrasonics for second-screen solution

Connected TV specialist Capablue has teamed up with watermarking specialist Intrasonics to integrate the latter’s technology into its Connected platform for second-screen applications.

Capablue’s platform will use Intrasonics’ watermarking technology to respond to hidden codes in the audio track of a broadcast to trigger actions on a consumer’s companion device and provide them with the opportunity to engage, both with live and catch-up content.

“We all know people use companion devices to surf the internet or social network whilst they watch TV so broadcasters are basically competing with these devices for attention,” said Capablue CEO Tom Cape.  “What the market needs is solutions that encourage viewers to engage with what’s on the main TV rather than the unrelated content on their mobile or tablet. Intrasonics is delivering some of the most innovative solutions we’ve seen to date so it’s great to be working with them to create solutions that can actually make that happen.”

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