Comux UK reveals Muxco bid details

Comux UK, the first company to announce a bid for the Muxco local TV licence, has provides details about its bid, which has to be submitted this week.

Comux UK proposes that the local TV multiplex operator will be a cooperative not-for-profit organisation, owned in equal measure by the local television licensees and managed by Canis Media for an initial period of three years. The primary role of Comux UK will be to manage the multiplex responsibilities of transmission and distribution and to provide technical and commercial support to local licensees. The company said it will ensure that all profits from the commercialisation of the two national channels that are part of the licence but are not ring-fenced for local TV are used exclusively for operating and promoting local TV.

Comux UK founder, Canis Media’s shief executive Ed Hall, said: “The combination of Comux UK being owned by its local TV operator customers and its not-for-profit status means that its revenues will be used exclusively for the purposes of operating and promoting local TV. I believe that this is the best way of ensuring the success of the UK’s exciting local TV project as it aligns the interests of Muxco and the local TV operators as well as providing the very best value for money in local TV infrastructure and services.”

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