Netflix launches kids package in US

US streaming service Netflix has launched its kids package Just For Kids on Microsoft’s XBox360 console.

The agreement means that kids will be able to watch child-friendly TV programmes and films through a specially designed portal on the console.

Netflix launched the kids package in August 2011 and it is currently available on PCs and Macs, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, Apple TV and certain Smart TVs and Blu-ray players. It also plans to expand the service via tablet computers later this year.

“As a parent of two, I can feel comfortable letting my kids browse and watch titles in the Just for Kids section on our Xbox 360,” said David Watson, director of product innovation at Netflix. “As always, there are never any commercials displayed on Netflix, and independent ratings and reviews from Common Sense Media were used to make the selections. Common Sense Media is a non-profit organisation that provides independent, trustworthy ratings, reviews and information to help parents make the best media choices.”

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